In addition, we have solid experience in recruiting and selecting professionals and executives for the following industries:


Electric energy is an essential input to society, indispensable to the socioeconomic development of nations. In Brazil, the main source of generation is hydroelectric, followed by thermoelectric (gas and mineral coal, fossil fuels). The rest comes from wind farms and imports of energy from other countries. With deep industry experience, Bullseye offers comprehensive solutions that help the world's most innovative energy companies to identify, develop and retain dynamic leaders.


The oil and gas sector is one of the most relevant in the world industry, because in addition to feeding the main energy matrixes, it contributes to the generation of foreign exchange through its export, highly qualified jobs and tax collection at the municipal, state and federal levels. With a solid presence and performance in the sector, Bullseye offers solutions that help leaders face the challenges of the industry and take advantage of opportunities to serve their projects in an agile and strategic way.


Taking a balance of 2019, we see that the agribusiness GDP registered a 1.38% increase, mainly driven by livestock, inputs and agribusiness. And the prospects for Brazilian agribusiness 2020 remain positive. No matter where your company is or how complex your project is, Bullseye is your ideal partner to face challenges, strategically develop your organization and stand out by finding the right talent for each role.


Against several sectors of the economy, the pharmaceutical market has emerged on the list of highest national revenue. To get an idea, according to the study by Sindusfarma on the profile of the pharmaceutical industry in 2018, it is clear that this growth is related to the increase in life expectancy, increasing concern about health, technological advances, growth in the generic market, competitive management of industries, launches, advances in biotechnology, mergers and acquisitions, among other factors.


With the digital transformation, the technology market is one of the fastest growing and is constantly developing, requiring new professionals. According to IDC, Brazilian investments in the technology sector will reach US $ 48 billion. Professions linked to the information technology and internet sector are expected to dominate the labor market in 2020 onwards. The estimate is from the professional social network LinkedIn.


The industrial sector is a great thermometer of our economy. Its production is one of the most important foundations for the evolution of society in several countries, and here it is no different. Among the largest Brazilian industries in terms of sales, the energy, mining, chemical, automotive and consumer goods sectors stand out. In this sense, the recognition and capture of growth opportunities are becoming increasingly difficult. Count on our expertise to identify potential leaders and accelerate processes.


Historically, the state of Rio de Janeiro has the largest contingent of workers specialized in this industry, with a significant number of shipyards of different sizes and activities. In fact, in recent years, traditional shipyards have been reopened in the state, or what has meant the creation of thousands of jobs. Our combination of experience in the naval and offshore industry and local knowledge helps as companies that are more effective players as they expand into important new and growing markets.


In the midst of a challenging macroeconomic environment, the chemical and petrochemical sectors - also known as “the industries of industries” for serving the most varied segments of the economy - offer opportunities related to changes in technology and consumer preferences, both in developed markets as in the emerging ones. With technical and specialized knowledge and customer service with local and global operations, our team is ready to help your company strategically structure its teams.


Historically known as the great employer of the economy in Brazil, the volume of the services sector closed 2019 with an increase of 1%. This is the first increase in the sector since 2014, as services had consecutive declines between 2015 and 2017 (accumulating a loss of 11%) and closed with stability in 2018. Whatever your need, we serve companies that credit their brands in our expertise of almost 20 years in consulting specialized in recruitment and selection of professionals.


The Brazilian Mining Institute (Ibram) estimates that investments in the mineral sector for the period 2020-2024 add up to US $ 32.5 billion, against US $ 27.5 billion estimated for the period 2019-2023. According to the institution, this indicates a recovery in the mineral sector in the coming years. Source: Exame, 02/2020


Financial markets are, by definition, an environment for buying and selling securities (stocks, options and bonds), foreign exchange (foreign currencies) and commodities (gold and agricultural products). In these negotiations, several institutions are involved, which facilitate the meeting between agents and regulate and supervise transactions.


Fundamental to a country's economic development, without infrastructure projects, companies cannot properly develop their businesses. We serve clients from the public and private sectors, focusing on the objectives of each project and the specific technical and behavioral characteristics of each talent sought to bring agility, quality and assertiveness to each of the processes. Combining industry expertise, technology and finance, our team works with companies throughout the life cycle of a major project.


A country's socioeconomic development and production capacity are directly related to the level of activity and performance of the construction industry. Historically, the performance of the civil construction market has followed the Brazilian economy. Therefore, the labor market in this sector is cyclical. Civil construction is one of the main industrial sectors in the country. We at Bullseye design and implement talent structures that put leaders in appropriate roles and think differently.


With such a dispersed market, one of the priorities of companies in this industry is innovation - and not only in product design and construction. It is also necessary to innovate in marketing, in the operational model, in logistics solutions. As each partner is unique, we at Bullseye combine a precise, attentive and in-depth look at each project with the expertise in customized strategies, whether in mapping the market and attracting the ideal talent.


With challenges that include new technologies, innovative business models and changes in corporate culture, the current market has strong demands on the retail professional. At Bullseye, we help companies to attract and retain the best talent. Our extensive expertise includes retail chains, clothing, supermarkets, healthcare, luxury goods and more. We understand the competencies and skill sets required by retail leaders.

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